Published on August 21, 2022 (Updated on August 03, 2023)

Sandsoul Park And Resort

Sandsoul Park is a custom Minecraft Theme Park with 9 rides, 2 attractions, 1 show and 2 shops. This park is an amazing custom park with amazing detail, lots of technology and some amazing life. 

With three areas for 6 areas, it is a fun day out for all the family.

Aquantia is a submerged land with lots of sea life in and lots of amazing rides, it is sure to blow your mind! 

Wizard-Ville is an area with wizards and terror!!! Learn the backstory of sandsoul castle and experience one of the most intense rides on park.

Rilgesford. A pirate swashbuckling crew have landed on the park and are ready to cause chaos. Go investigate before its too late.



The new areas and rides are:

Ancient City : Rolling River Rapids, The Lost Stone

Water World: Waterpark - fully functional.

Screamworld : Lithimul: The Curse of Sandsoul Castle.

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Some major updates in this update!! This update includes updates to rides such as Terror at Wizardville and so much more!! :D



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Hey, nice park! It’s very awesome, good job! I know this probably isn’t right the place to talk to you but I was wondering if we could get back into contact, we used to be good friends on Xbox when you were building Legoland. Although, recently I’ve tried to message you but no response. I was Theboy122. If possible, please add me on my account, its IsaMeKMZ. No worries if you can’t though. :)
This looks like a park with a great future ahead of it! Some really neat rides here and the show is definitely one of if not the best firework display I have ever seen in Minecraft.

Seriously can't wait for more rides/places to explore, and the Halloween mazes were epic too!
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