Sandy Cheeks Addon

Do you really like SpongeBob SquarePants Cartoon from the Nickelodeon? And your favorite Character it's SpongeBob Friend Sandy Cheeks? Well this addon is just for you.with this addon you will meet SpongeBob Squirrel friend Sandy Cheeks from the Show SpongeBob SquarePants and her favorite items from the show.

Sandy Cheeks

Sandy Cheeks she have 5000 health.

Sandy Cheeks will spawn at Forest.

If you meet her just tame her with Acorn or Sandy's tea.

If you already tame her you will safe from any Monster mob.

If you didn't tame her and hit her you will killed by Sandy Cheeks.

If Sandy Cheeks got a lot of damage from Strong mob or Fall Damage use Nutty Butter.


Wormy have 15 health.

Wormy can be found just like animals but kinda hard.

If you want to keep him as your Pet just tame him with Apple he will follow you everywhere.

He can't fight with any mob.

Sandy net gun

You can shoot mob with this Item.

You can Craft this item by using Diamond,Iron ingots,redstone,bow and Iron Nugget.

And it's shoot a lot's.

Karate Glove

This item can make you super stronger at Killing Mobs.

Only use Lime wools and you craft the Item.


This item can be eaten or for Tamed Sandy Cheeks

To get this item use Oak Sapling and you got 10 acorn.

or killed Sandy Cheeks and he will drop 5 acorn.

Sandy's dry tea

Use this item to make Sandy's Tea.

You only use Oak Leaves and you got 5 Sandy's dry tea.

Or killed Sandy to get this item

Sandy's Tea

You can use this item foe Drink it or Gave it to Sandy.

Just use Water bucket and Sandy's Dry tea.

Nutty Butter

you can eat this item or Gave it to Sandy she will liked. 

Only use 5 acorn to craft this item.

Or Kill Sandy Cheeks.

Select version for changelog:


Change Sandy Cheeks arm Model

That's it no more change

Hope you enjoy the addon :3


How to instal addon:

Click the Sandy Cheeks addon.

Then Skip the ad.

And Download the File.

If you already Download the File Extract the file.

And i click the folder then Cut RP to resource_packs and Cut BP to Behavior Packs.


And don't forget turn on Experiments.

And enjoy the addon! 

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