Published on December 14, 2018 (Updated on November 08, 2019)

Scarecrow Addon (1.13+)

This addon introduces new scarecrows to Minecraft, these will be used to scare off monsters in your world! Use these to scare off creepers, skeletons, witches, the illagers, and more! Say good byes to those nasty monsters and say hello to a simi-peaceful world!

The default scarecrow will be used to scare off most monsters in your world except for Witches, Illagers, Creepers, and Phantoms! You can also dye them any of the 15 colors of dye, which color will you choose?

The Scarecrow Witch will be used to scare off witchs! They can throw harming potions at spiders, silverfish, and illager based mobs, they throw healing potion at the undead mobs!

The Scarecrow creeper will be used to scare off Creepers and be detonated with a flint & steel! To craft them you need a creeper carved pumpkin which you need to put a pumpkin in a stonecutter to get it!

Finally we have the Scarecrow Phantom which will be used to scare off Phantoms flying around in the sky.

The Scarecrow Illager will be used to scare off illager based mobs!


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  • Updated for the 1.13 Update and 1.14 Beta
  • Added Crafting recipes for all scarecrows
  • The Scarecrow Witch can now throw potions at ememies
  • Removed all poses as they were causing problems with loot tables


  • This addon works for 1.13 & above
  • You can make videos on this but "MUST" credit me
  • You can use this in your content but "MUST" credit me
  • Make sure "Experimental Gameplay" is turned "ON"

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5 / 5 (7 votes)
Does this work on 1.18?
I cant use the stone cutter and get a creeper pumkin uhmm please fix it for 1.16 pls
Does it work for xbox?
I cant find them anywhere. Can you explain more clearly pls
The person under me is an idiot May 14, 2019 at 4:40 pm
Does this work in 1.14?
Can you make a scarecrow for drowned please
It Replace Nothing
The Weird Thing Is The Spawn Randomly Near My House So Weird? Could You Make it With Attracting By Armor Stand? Because it very Weird They Spawn Anytime! ???:-\ =-O
Ok I will try This Addon If Works
How is working for minecraft 1.9 ?
I am In And It Worked Fine But It Even ?
I think it is a great addon for survival games.
Could you make it so that they don’t randomly spawn in the world but can be created by interacting with a armor stand? Cuz it feels kinda weird to find random scarecrows everywhere