Published on November 21, 2019 (Updated on December 07, 2019)

Science Zero [ver 1.2] [Updated]

Science zero is an addon that add many new recipes and items that are related to chemistry into the game. In this small update, i brought to you a new type of weapon, molotov.

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Fixed a bug that can not craft the filter

Changed many things

Added a new function that can help you on crafting recipes

     - Type “/function Help/function_name”

     - For example, “/function Help/gunpowder”



  • ScienceZero2.2.mcaddon

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Oh you again that 1 of your work in addon for minecraft is crash
zip archive not valid :(
Could you please make a mediafire link?,
I can't download the addon correctly.

PD: I was searching for this addon since some weeks ago to play Minecraft as Dr.Stone,thanks for making it.

[Ten billion points for you and five stars]
Help! It keeps saying that the file is not valid!
HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE January 31, 2020 at 6:51 pm
help i cant place crushed apples, i am playing on windows ten edition
I can't craft the filter in survival, I try it as you describe it but it doesn't work, what should I do??, or how is it an other way to craft the flitro in survival?
Can you make a .zip link
Excelent addon mister, but i forgot the previous steps, can you reupload the steps to create gunpownder?? please!!! xD
Nice work mister!!! I’ll be waiting for new updates
Great addon dude! At first I though I'd rather kill myself than do all for something as basic as gunpowder, but then I realised I mainly only used them for fireworks anyways. It's actually blending in perfectly, as it somehow makes the game more balanced by making the recipe for something as good as a firework with elytra quite harder to get. Overall quite fun! I'd love to see this take a rather biopunk or industri-chemical turn in the future. Also, one last thing : could I use this mod for a Hardcore modpack I am making? This does actually fit perfectly in it. Keep it up!
Of course, sure.
So will you be adding by any chance biopunk/industri-chemical elements to this mod? Just out of curiosity ?
Really cool add-on! Currently it doesn’t have a whole lot of functionality let’s be honest since gunpowder is a reasonably easy resource to obtain without going through all these steps but I must still appreciate the work you put into the addon and most of all the scientific accuracy ?? I’m looking forward to seeing what you add in future updates! ?
Dr stone be like
How Do I Craft The Hammer?
you have to put sticks on diagonal, and put iron lingots in the corners
This looks VERY good. But imagine trying to make gunpowder in a regular survival world..
This has large potential in my eyes, so please keep it up!