Published on May 15, 2023 (Updated on July 08, 2023)

SCP Area-14

SCP Area 14 is a scp map based on the universe of the SCP Foundation ( This map features many addons as well as SCPs for you to explore. Play with a friend or just alone as long as you have fun.

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  • You now have to give credits to the creator of the map by adding the link to the MCPDEL website.
  • I accidentally put the backrooms download link twice in and forgot the dystopia link. I fixed this now.
  • Reactor is now working


Installation Guides

Please make one of site 17 mostly because I want SCP-953 the polymorphic humanoid
Hi, at the moment the addons I use do not have 953, and I it's unlikely that I will make a new site / area BUT Im not saying that I wont. I do not know. This is because there is a lot more planned for Area-14. But as soon as I should find a addon wich features 953 and does not block features of one of the other addons I will add 953. -Next update comming soon