Published on September 15, 2021 (Updated on September 15, 2021)

SCP NTF Mod In Minecraft

Hello welcome to my map, this map have alot of cool feature such as like intro, and in this map we are told to kill zombies and kill other scp. You want to play ntf mod 0.2.0 in steam but the game still early access, and you don't have money to pay early access, well this map perfect for you, if you want play ntf mod early without paying. 

This map originally from ntf mod 0.2.0 from steam, this map only from multiplayer, this map only have wave 1 and wave 2 and there alot weapon and loot, can be found in every room and hall

here link of original game:

Some screenshot in this map:


And Gameplay:


Select version for changelog:


Nothing, i hope mcpedl will submit this, cuz i'm tired to see my map keeping denied


Step 1 : Download maps

Step 2 : Open the link of maps

Step 3 : Done

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Did you even credit LC?
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I forgot, sorry, i will update the description soon
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