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Published on June 04, 2020 (Updated on June 07, 2020)

Call of Duty Zombies - Deep Woods V2

Map Based on the Call of Duty Zombies Franchise! Try your best to survive as long as possible on this round based survival map! Try Out my other Zombie Maps which have even more unique features!


Revive System that supports up to 8 players!

Points! Based on rotten flesh drops! so don't be discouraged if you aren't getting points! just keep killing zombies!

Full length EE! Escape the map!

-Wall Buys

Purchase wall buys to Assist you in fending off hordes of undead! Price is specified on the sign below!

-Buyable Doors

Tap on doors to unlock new areas of the map! It costs points though!


There are 3 perks scattered around the map! Find and buy all of them to help you slay the undead! Don't forget to turn on the power!

-Mystery Box

Spin the mystery box for weapons and equipment! Hope it doesn't get sent to another location!


Rounds are based on rotten flesh drops and not on zombie kills! Don't be discouraged if the rounds aren't changing! you simply need to kill more zombies!

-Craftable Shield!

Find all the pieces to craft the shield! It has a unique ability!

-Powerup Drops

Killing Zombies has a chance of spawning a powerup drop! Pick them up to enhance your gameplay!


Find out how to unlock the enchanter to make your weapons more powerful!

-Easter Egg!

Solve the Easter egg to escape the map!

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Bug Fixes V1:

-Revamped points system! get points way more often than before!

-Changed title of world (Used to say "Facility" rather than "deep woods"


  • Zombies- Deep Woods V2.mcworld

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Great map but points aren't awarded
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Thanks for letting me know! I will deliver a quick fix soon! However please be patient! uploads may take up to 2 days!
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Hey sweet map but I would like to help you make zombie maps. I'm really good at redstone and I think we would make a great duo.
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Thanks for the offer! However I already have my own map making team! Feel free to look around at the red stone on the map and see if you can make your own map! I'd be happy to see if you make one of your own and play it!
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Best map ever and by the way first :)!!!!!
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