Published on January 28, 2020 (Updated on February 22, 2020)

SCPCB: Minecraft Map Build (.zip file fixed)

Have you ever wanted to build a accurate build of the real SCPCB seeds but they look bad or take too long to build or maybe you're just lazy? This map has just done the favour for you! This map build is extremely accurate, it even includes the little bit of extra detail and the room estimation is on point. This map only includes LCZ. Further updates to this map will include new features like the lift to the storage room where 939 is and HCZ etc. If you are interested, please scroll down for details about this build. Images for the build have been provided for you for influence.

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·For those who waited for the .zip file download, it now has been fixed for you to download.


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Can u update this map Cuz I'm playing this for nothing plus it is unfinished can u finish this

If don't I will destruct it and report I'm waiting for the heavy Containment zone and entrance zone
Hey dude i can help with SCP 012
Hmmm .zip file is .mcworld file?
Please update, I am looking forward for this map, got lots of Potential its perfect for the SCPs i'm putting in
It is so bad, the doors aren't even there and it looks like no effort was put into the map
Maybe a bug?????????
Get the fk outta here hater like you can do better than iamded64
Shut up
although this is laggy sometimes its still a good map I love it
I can’t play I always get kicked out when the map loads
And why is Scp 939 a spider he is a human/red crocodile ?
I know that it sometimes happens and it's not your fault. Sometimes it's the resource pack that causes it to crash. It may also be that your device isn't strong. I did mention this issue on the first changelog.
hey when are you going to update this map's progress
Since I have a lot of work to do, I don't have much time to update it, although I am still working on my map.
too bad you can't see the good work :(
Is there any estimated day when the next update gets released for the (hcz)
Idk it just happens. I expect that it will take a long time cuz it's huge
I just want to ask, how are you going to do the tesla gates now? Great job btw(・∀・)
Did Julius help you im very curious
Just curious will this map be full on where it will have entrance zone after heavy and the outside area? like gate b and others
Of course! However, if you mean something like literally outside, it's impossible because the map is floating...
no i just mean what you see on the outside
Please make a moving elevator, even a simple command.
Do you know that in the normal game of scpcb the elevator actually teleports you it doesn't move interesting fact
this map is so accurate it made my bolt sniper jealous
I used it and put some scp mods on I like the world
I can help with a few commands for 106 and help with sink holes