Published on November 22, 2021 (Updated on November 28, 2021)

Secret Blocks Map

Do you want to get all of the Unobtainable Blocks and Items in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, but you can't?Well, this map is for you!!Because this map contains all of the Unobtainable blocks in Minecraft like the Nether Reactor Core and the Glowing Obsidian.Before we start..Subscribe to my YouTube Channel first:MrSPiRfor1:



Welcome to the "Spawnpoint" of the Secret Blocks Map.

The Spawnpoint allows you to go to the rooms that have the Op Armors and Weapons, and the All of the Unobtainable Blocks and Items Room.

Now let's talk about the Rooms....

FIRST ROOM: OP God Armors and Weapons Room

Welcome to the "OP God Armors and Weapons Room"

This room contains the most OP ARMORS AND WEAPONS in Minecraft.

Just look at this picture above, all Armors and Weapons contains that Enchantments.


Second Room: Minecraft Education Edition Compounds Room.

Welcome to the Second room called the "Education Edition Compounds Room"

This room contains all of the Minecraft Education Edition blocks/items such as balloons (All Colors), hardened glass (All Colors, And Types), sparklers (All Colors), heat Block, and so much more!!



ALL Unobtainable blocks and items room.


Welcome to the last room called the "All Unobtainable Blocks and Items Room"

This room contains all of the Unobtainable blocks in Minecraft such as the Nether Reactor Core, Glowing Obsidian, and so much more!!




Watch the trailer of the Secret Blocks Map Here:

Select version for changelog:


(New Update!)

All of the Chest in the Map are now (Auto Refilled)


The new (Test Room) is now have an empty space and unbreakable.


You will now spawn in the Map with Adventure mode.


This Map is now Available on Minecraft Bedrock Edition (v1.10, v1.11, v1.12, v1.13, v1.14, v1.16, v1.17 and v1.18)


The Download Link is direct MediaFire Link, so enjoy 😃

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It's like entering a museum!
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Anyways... can I help at improving your work? I appreciate it and send the world to you :)
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You can check my own version of my mao if you want :))
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Hi bro..I have one thing to say...Im impressed...we had the same project...and i suggest to add an empty space where they can place the blocks and not ruin the map...anyways, how can I make my mcworlds improt successfully? Cuz i cant import it and it always says level import failed...anyways have a nice day/night
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