Published on October 23, 2021 (Updated on October 22, 2021)

Shanghai World Financial Center Minecraft Map

This is Shanghai Financial Center Tower is Highest Height in Minecraft 1.18, was built in Map, has 380 meters, No.1 Tallest Building in MCPE 1.18, What is Map Height is -64 to 320 meters above height limit, This is highest building in Minecraft, Cave or Cliffs Update 1.18.


Shanghai World Financial Center Has 380m tall with Observation Deck and Elevator or Glass-based Outdoor.


The Daylight, Good Morning turn off redstone lamps, has glass-based outdoor


The Night, Ticking redstone lamps may occurs due to daylight sensors instead of solar-powered redstone.


To bedroom. Sleep in night or during the thunderstorm, has modern bed or sofa.

Furnace Machine & Living

Has Furnace Machine with tinted glass, has TV and Sofa.


This is office has chair, in floor of Shanghai World Financial Center.

Deck Elevator

In Observation Deck Elevator to Highest Observation Deck in Minecraft was 364m.


64x380x64 with above 256 and 320 meters height limits in Minecraft 1.16.220


This is Elevator has ladder, can speed of ladder up to 3 meter per second from floor 1 to 64 in 110 seconds

Observation Deck

This is Highest Observation Deck was 364m, Requires 32 Chunks or higher to view the flat surface,

For best results use spyglass for better viewing the flat surface.


The Entrances is open and inside the Shanghai World Financial Center or Dine-in with glass-based outdoor

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Updated Detailed image and Submission

Detailed description of Shanghai World Financial Center.

Map by TheBeast907.


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Requires Minecraft 1.18 or higher

External Notice: Just updated 1.18


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