Published on August 13, 2019 (Updated on August 25, 2019)

Shop Function Pack (Update)

Shop function pack: it's a shop where you can buy packs or kits and other items. For now this pack contains quite alot possible purchases, and soon I'm going to add way more possible purchases. Plus your suggestions for purchases may come true!

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Added more help about instalation.

Fixed discription of this addon.



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sharpfisheyboy it says importing then it says can not download make it work for pc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sharpfisheyboy it says importing then it says can not download make it work for pc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Add swords, bows, blocks, and armor! It would be a great help to my games
It says you need to specify a Min_engine_version when i try and buy something from this addon
SharpFishyBoy? I try to download it and when it says “import downloading” there is nothing there which is annoying. Can you fix it? Also BTW I am using 1.12.
Well this is problem of mojang. Other people can't update there addons because of this strange thing. But I found the way to fix it! Just put mcpack file to games/com.mojang/behavior_packs and thats it. IMPORTANT: put it there in mcpack format, not file! I know this is strange but it worked to me!
Addons now import in minecraft (they wasn't imported in later version), so wait for update!
I am confused... aren't function's only available to admins or opped players?... so it wouldn't be able to be used in a server that you don't trust people on.. what I am trying to say is... Will only the owner of the server and/or opped players be able to solely used this function? or am I wrong?
Thanks for Xbox One Support. The Mod is great.
So guys for now I can't update (but in near future I will can) my addon because minecraft for some reason don't import my created packs. But for new update you can expect farm animals, more food, more kits, more buying possibilities and more! Be patient and wait for my new update!
I see you have only a 1 star review, that comment is just to help you :)
Thanks, support is important to me.
You should add more pets(animals, tameable and not)! Also it would be cool if you added different types of villagers, and maybe a villager with custom trades too?? Awesome mod both ways though!!!!
Great idea! Soon I'm going to add them!
I legit posted this EXACT SAME COMMENT in the previous update. Did you just copy and paste MY idea? Not cool.??
No I Mean It’s Saying Import Failed
Nice thx for Xbox support
Oh it seems my addon work as shop and gives Xbox support! :)
Link is dead, mediafire says something is missing
Not Work :,(
Make sure that you are in 1.12 or 1.13+ version of minecraft.