Published on March 11, 2021 (Updated on July 14, 2021)

ShyPVP Pack (Survival Friendly)

Hello and welcome to my own, custom pack. Shy PVP. This pack is designed for vanilla gameplay, PVP, and generally aims to improve Minecraft's vanilla textures, while maintaining the original feel and style of the game.

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Fixed several UI code issues
Changed theme of Hotbar UI from "Deep Blue" to "Steam Gears"
Made potion particles MUCH less intrusive
Temporarily removed random ores to make way for new textures



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Is so good can you put the new ore textures?
I didn't know you where posting your pack on mcpedl.
Nice pack, I really think that you should add better grass. Like the one used in optifine on java.
I've never been a fan of optifine grass, personally. While it makes rolling hills look nicer, the sudden cutoff on the sides (or in texturepacks, the bottom) makes it an eyesore to me. IT shouldn't be hard to edit it yourself though- just copy the grass-top texture from the templae, and toss it into my pack renamed to "grass-side.png" or whatever.
I wouldn't really consider this to be a PVP pack, but it is pretty cool.
This pack is epic. Download of be bald