Published on March 14, 2019 (Updated on March 14, 2019)

Puzzle Block

14 unique puzzles - all in one tiny cube. Can you solve them all and get out? It's primarily a single player map, but it's also compatible for multiplayer, however it's not recommended. If things break due to playing on multiplayer, please don't whine to me.



  • PuzzleBlock.mcworld

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Wait a minute I know you, you the guy at intocmd right?
This is clickbait. The download link won't even work :/
DOWNLOAD IS NOT WORKING! Please just use mediafire
And you should be removed from mcpedl and you will never ever create textures,mods,addons,maps and resource packs.
Please use mediafire so i can download the map thx
Hey when I press on the link to have me download the map I am going to paste what it says right here

Access Denied

If you can please fix this then this would be wonderful because I am looking forward to this map. Thank you!
If you can, can you post a link to MediaFire because media fire works so much better. Thank you so much!
Acces denied? Please Give Link To mediafire
Pleae update the .zip file the .mcworld is not working link
Please fix the link
When trying to open download link it says.

XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

Access Denied


Level 4 spawned me in the wrong place
Mind being a bit more specific? Cuz there's no way for a warp to incorrectly work. The way it's working is you're teleported 11 blocks straight up upon touching a purple block
Level 4 spawned me in the wrong place.
I cant open the link.. I really want to play this game
It should just instantly begin downloading. Once the .mcpack file is downloaded, you should be able to just double click it or tap it to open it in MC
Good map bro, I didn't use any hint.

Is very Easy :)
Thanks~ It is my very first map, so it's good to see people actually do like it.