Published on February 28, 2022 (Updated on June 14, 2022)

Simple Bankers Addon

Just simple bankers that you can sell and buy ores from, useful for any smp server and such, *note that "Mark & Lazers First addon" is required for this, download it here. - *important*Any redistribution,Modification of code,or posting the addon without using my linksis  strictly prohibited. Please do not do so.

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Pack was updated to work on the latest update of the game.


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It's a shame these shop owners use their own currency instead of regular villager currency (emeralds). Would be a lot better for the world/server I'm making
Yes this was mainly made for my realm, i can make another version that has a different item for the currency!
Hi this works in 1.17.2 ?
it should, make sure you have the pack linked in the description installed as well or else it wont work
thank u i did all and it works correctly on my Minecraft 1.17.2