Published on May 27, 2017

Simple BattleShip [Minigame] [PvP]

This is a multiplayer minigame map where each team will be tasked to build a ship. The ships will later be used in a battle on the sea so it's important that they are well armored and equipped with some TNT cannons. It's a really fun and exciting map to play if you enjoy building and PvP! 

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bloody Chicken nugget April 04, 2018 at 6:29 pm
Single player mode plz
Some of the buttons and signs popped off. Plus, even after 4 years playing minecraft I don't know how to make a tnt cannon. Plz help
I love this map, I made a map of my own like this but this is so cool. I love maps where you can raid other people and this fits in perfectly with that. Keep on making great maps like this!
Dispensers are not flamable. If allowed, can't we just make an entire ship out of dispensers?
Cool game but extremly laggy during battle.
The map is BROKEN. I was very disaspointed to crash 3 times in a row after building it and start battle. The battleship didnt not load and I do met the requirement correctly double checked. Im playing with my sinbling and of course I will know if there something wrong. Please fix this bug or add save button because the ship clearly didnt save or cloned. PS All placed block was gone after crash
after building you should click one of the save bay and then click which side would you prefer and then click enter and start the battle.
Would be great if the latest compatible version was put in as well.
Hi! I absolutely LOVE this map! I've converted it into a template so you can reinstall it an infinite amount of times! Here's the link to the download :
Thank you very much
I have used the template, thank you
Wait.... you can make a bedrock ship?
The Map isn't working. Me and My Brother Conor were playing it and The Ships didn't spawn pls Fix it! :(
DID you press the left side or right side
you should read the full instructions before you play.

in this kind of problem, to fix this you should click the side buttons (or which side do you like to put your ship) and then click enter.
Me too the blue team buttons don't work other wise I think it would be fun
We are making the ships
This map was awesome!
Nice map, but my ship turned really nice (I spent an hour and a half making it). I begged by bro not to blow it up and he said okay.
Just save the ship so when it blows into smithereens you can reuse it. Also great map, would recommend it
NetherExplorer78 May 28, 2017 at 2:15 am
Can we use dispenser with fire charges?
What the thumbnail shows stone on the ship is stone flammable lol