Published on February 25, 2020 (Updated on March 02, 2020)

Simple Stone Block V1.6

Start with all Stone, one Crafting Table, one dirt no items just you in one chest in a underground of dirt and many Stone, Having 1 objective is to kill the ender dragon, wandering how? Having only a many Stone, one dirt and one chest.

Creator twitter: (@Arielga69452935) usg

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-Fix Items In Chest

-Replacing Spawn Egg Rana Becomes  Cobblestone Gen


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Level import failed?
kembangkan ini dengan baik
Ini Buatan Indonesia
Good idea of map but i can't impirt it to my game can you help me ? (Also the .zip doesn't work for the map i tried to extract it but it doesn't work) thanks
You are excellent creators at making this addons .Best wishes
Hey you ya'll are juat jelous. U cant even make an addon. And u speak filipino even tho the creator was english. You too are noobs at mc i bet u cant find a single diamond
Please try being a bit more respectful to creators.

/ Admin
Gua bingung sama crafting recipe nya
Crafting recipes yang buat compressed block, itu untuk menukar barang di wandering trader.