Published on December 28, 2019 (Updated on December 28, 2019)

Sky Clayed Beta

Start with one tree, one dirt no items just you in one small tree in a floating block of dirt and many clay, Having 1 objective is to kill the ender dragon, wondering how? Having only a many Clay, one dirt and one tree.

With the help of addons we could create new crafting recipes and ada two items. This map revised how skyclayed works. Imagine a craftable diamond and yet you can now craft diamonds by playing this map New Items Added!

You can craft spawn egg in crafting table

with a crafting table you can create a spawn egg and used to survive.

How to craft water

you should harvest cactus 9 fruits for create water in crafting table.

How to create dirt

You should harvest apple 9 fruits for create wafer in crafting table.

How to create lava

1. first you should have dirt for get lava.

2. put in furnace or blast furnace


Wooden Crook and Iron Crook for You destroy leaves with fast.

Lucky Barrel

you can find it in underground.

I hope you like this map!



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Download and enjoy!

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When i try to installiert the map it says: Level Import failed. Why? :(
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