Published on March 31, 2021

Simple Sweet Berries Addon (1.16)

Hi! Let me introduce you to my addon, this addon adds 5 foods sweet berries dont have any recipe so thats why i made this mod this addon is good for sweet berry farm

Recipes are shown below

It only works with a crafting table! 

There is 1 issues dont worry 

If you want to make a sweet berry juice it will take the bottle sadly i cannot fix it. Have fun!

My addon's recipe :

1.sweet berry pie

Gives:6 hunger piece

Effect:speed dur:7sec


2.Sweet Berry Soup

gives:8 hunger piece

Effect:speed dur:5sec


3.sweet berry cupcake 

Gives:7 hunger piece

Effect:speed dur:3sec


4.Sweet Berry Donut

Gives:6 hunger piece

Effect:speed dur:2sec


5.Sweet Berry Juice

Gives:8 Hunger Piece

Effect:Speed Duration:2 Sec

Issue:It Will Take Your Bottle


Thats all.if you guys enjoy my addon you can rate it if you want to.

All of the Experimental Gameplay must be on or else it will not work! 

Things You cannot do :

1.copy my addon

2.steal any textures it on a different link and put it yours

4.say many mean words at me 

Things You Can Do :

1.Make A Map or A Modpack with my addon but you need to put my link to download it with your friends or a server

3.Share And Rate


Click it, it should download it if not im going to fix it as soon as i can

I Didnt Put It On A Link because some links contains virus or apps to download i just made it "SIMPLE" uh you know its a joke because the Addon's name is SIMPLE sweet berries XD

Turn All of the experimental gameplay to work! 


  • Simple_Sweet_Berry__1617108950443.mcaddon

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