Published on March 01, 2019 (Updated on March 04, 2019)

Luigi the Creeper Addon

Luigi has gone Creeper! This Resource Pack Modification changes the Creeper to look just like Luigi. His behavior is not modified so he will still chase you and explode like a creeper!

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1.0 - Original Release

1.2 - Corrected problem with Luigi's Head Position


  • Luigicreeper.mcpack
  • LuigiCreeper.mcpack

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Chinchilla Overlord March 02, 2021 at 6:42 pm
The link does not work anymore, but I remember how I played with it. It makes a great experience.
this maybe the most beautiful texture ever made! first the link is dead! then there is no update!! beautiful texture pack deserve a 6 stars
The link don't work
the links dont work...
Great... just.... why.