Published on August 28, 2019 (Updated on August 28, 2019)

Skin Editor Unlocker Addon (

Everyone knows that the Bedrock Edition is the most customizable version of Minecraft. In the last beta has been added a hidden feature that allows you to create your own skin and thanks to this addon you can access it.



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Thats already in regular minecraft.
SomeoneWhoWantJustice April 23, 2022 at 7:10 am
Yup this came before nether update
....This came out before the Nether Update.
Great, now make the emotes unlocker.
and then the wraps
Hello can you fix the hand holding item because the zombie (me-morphed)Looks so suspicious when holding items (other mobs too please and add morph wolf bee and cats (can you update it fast?)
Im the same person (villagers too and other hand holding items)
And other mobs
Oh sorry wrong comment
And wrong website
Umm are you the owner of the morph 0.4 addon can you please update it?
1.13 relased new idea for addon name: skin editor locker ( i like this addon )
Io voglio questo addom
Won’t install keeps saying not able to install pls fix I know this an iOS addon witch is why I use ios
Pleasd put a tutorial how to install skin adutor addon in minecraft
who are on beta,adds a new skin editor on beta and go and create a new skin.
How to download?
How I can install on the Nintendo Switch
I think Thats not possible on Nintendo Switch but on Windows 10 and MCPE its possible
It's also possible on Xbox,and Nintendo Switch? Only works with usb drive or jailbreaked switch possibly.
Worst skin editor!
I can't see the skin or the items in the addon when I using at the main menu
Can' install plz help
sketchy ass website cant download my antivirus is freaking out
Me gusta pero me gustaría que todo fuera gratis para que todos puedan disfrutar las sin 3d
Same for me to
Add for More versions
Only works on
Hola tengo un problema y es que el addon no me sirve si entra pero cuando voy a creer una skin no sale nada y no se puedo hacer para arreglar eso que hago ?