Published on August 25, 2019 (Updated on August 25, 2019)

JAVA PARITY: Sneaking Under Slabs Add-on

If you are a longtime player you will surely remember when the java edition had a lot more features than the bedrock edition. Now it is no longer so but some exclusive features of the java edition remain. One of these is the ability to sneak under half blocks.


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Does it work on 1.16?
Plz update!!!!!
It doesn't work
Doesn't work on 1.12.2
Use media fire links adfly doesnt let u use it
Yeah!! Adfly usally doesn't work for me...
Ya no funciona en la nueva beta :c

Es un mod muy genial y no he visto que tenga errores
You used to be able to do this on bedrock using a bug, but I pretty sure that they removed it.
Anyways this is useful since they removed it.
this is a cool addon, but when I use this addon I can't get into the 1x1 block while swimming, can you fix it? because I really like this addon
It's just the sneaking mechanic,he cannot do the 1x1 he is not a developer of the game to do that,just be thankful that he managed to recreate the mechanic
In Java Edition, you can't swim in 1x1 blocks.
yes, you can swim and crawl in 1x1 block in java
but you can't crawl in bedrock yet, but can swim in 1x1 block
It doesnt work I activated experimental gameplay still doesnt work.
The add-on is for a block and a half gaps only.
This is impossible to make with add-ons for now
Very nice add-on pls add the potential of crawling also in this add-on this would make playing minecraft just nuts
ImATotalTrashMamal August 25, 2019 at 5:29 pm
Good addon man! Are you gonna make all the java features transferred to bedrock? This one is cool and fun!
Can anybody send me the link I'm on Xbox and there's no where to press allow
you are not supposed to click allow your supposed to wait 15-20 seconds BE PATIENT
Wow, this is really cool! Didn’t know you could do that on 1.12
This is amazing. I have been waiting for someone to make a Working one of these for so long.
The AdFly URL doesn't work. Please add MediaFire or Google drive pe sth else that actually works