Published on August 01, 2015 (Updated on March 04, 2020)

Islands TR v5.0 [CTM map]

This is a CTM map that contains 37 different islands to explore, you will have to get to each island and look for whether or not it has a trophy to place on your altar.

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- The map has been updated to be more compatible with Minecraft version 1.14.30

- The map description has been updated

- The map trailer has been added

- The .mcworld download option has been implemented



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omg this is great i mean the best thing ive ever downloaded
your links dont work, at all, im constantly redirected when trying to download a .mcworld file
Stupid creator!!! Doesn't work on windows 10!!!!
don't call toramtyces stupid i dont have java or even a laptop so i can play just fine yall java players think java is better well us bedrock players we think that there should be great worlds for all versions of the game you sick fuck
how mean
I love this map
Why do you never leave .McWorld for us? You have the coolest maps and none of them work on my device (iOS) :c pretty please post a .McWorld ??
These were posted before the existence of .mcworld files. All the new maps will include a .mcworld option, and also some of the old ones in the future.