Sky Parkour 1.2 Version 2!

Are you looking for a different parkour experience? Something that really challenges you, But something different from the traditional block by block? Sky Parkour is extremely challenging. A mixture of commands and old - School Tricks makes it an amazing world to Play With Friends

Well you've come to the right place.

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Updated Description and Fixed A few Mistakes;

Version 1.2 Tested on 1.16.40 Minecraft, and works as Expected.



  • Sky Parkour 1.2.mcworld
  • Sky Parkour 1.1.mcworld
  • Sky Parkour. ORIGINALmcworld

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Nice. really good map Its fun
Davvero un'ottima mappa
Hey really cool map! i just played it for a but and its a great experience! The only thing i would suggest you do (if possible) is 1. Add creative and personalized "death notes" - Ex. (insert username) fell out of the sky - (username) died while escaping etc... 2. maybe make the islands just a bit bigger. Overall, this is the first world I've downloaded of the internet and i really enjoyed playing it! Great job and i hope you keep the good work up on upcoming maps!
Hey Thanks So Much.
Creating personalized death messages Isn't possible in Vanilla Minecraft. In the Next version of the map (1.3) I will make most the islands slightly larger for you.
At the time of this reply a new version of Sky parkour (1.2) Should drop within 48 Hours. Stay Tuned.
Once again thanks for the nice comment
Yessss parkour map
Thanks, I hope you like the map.

Out of curiosity, if you have played it, have you found any issues?