Published on July 01, 2021

Skyblock: Cube Survival

Welcome to Skyblock: Cube Survival! A fun skyblock map with tons of huge cubes floating around in the sky. Each side of every cube is a different biome in Minecraft with unique blocks, hidden chests with loot, and many dangerous mobs. With four total cubes including one in the nether this map is packed with tons of fun gameplay. There is even a monument for you to complete. To make it even better, you can travel to the end and defeat the Ender Dragon! Skyblock: Cube Survival is packed with tons of fun gameplay.

This map is a fun survival skyblock with four large and unique cubes floating in the air. Three are in the overworld, and one is even in the nether! There is a monument that needs to be complete as well. 16 of Minecraft's dyes can be found in the four cubes in this map. You can obtain these dyes by converting flowers, extracting the dye from certain items, or finding hidden chests guarded by dangerous mobs. There is even a hidden chest somewhere in the island. Can you find it?



If this map is liked, there will be lots more bigger and better skyblocks in the future.


  • Skyblock_Survival.mcworld (7.08 MB)

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