Published on July 31, 2021 (Updated on August 03, 2021)

Skyblock² [Modded Skyblock] [Quests] v.1.1.264

Welcome to Skyblock², a skyblock map with custom items and quests! It includes:

  • 250 unique quests
  • 8 new wood types
  • 14 new crops
  • 9 islands to explore
  • Seamless portals


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- Added Nether Island 1: Nether Waste with 13 more quests!
- 4 Essences added as mob drops (Spider, Skeleton, Zombie, Hoglin)
- Added 4 Mob Gems crafted from said essences
- Added Nether Crystals (Made by smelting nether bricks)
- Changed quest area to help lag
- Added a secret ore type that will be unveiled on the 5th nether island :o
- Starting area should be fixed now :)


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the idea is cool but the map is unfinished first the spawn only kills me and when i went in creative and found the spawn island i couldnt do anything cause the quests just didnt exist and the other three islands just had signs. all in all i think its a cool idea its just not finished at the moment.
Very Good Map !
BTW if you need help say "Hopper"