Published on June 20, 2021 (Updated on June 18, 2021)

Skyblock Multiplayer Add-on For Realm

Tired of seeing the Realm with its usual survival, I made a Skyblock that can be used in the Realm. With features that support each player has their own island.

Iit is four commands to make warp there is lobby, warp1, warp2 and warp3


this is an example of how to go to warp1, warp2, warp3 and lobby

this iis how to make an island

to visit people island, you must activate this command

after that there is an incoming message asking you to enter the id of the player you want to visit. I give an example 1

Some other features and installation instructions are in my youtube video for easy understanding of this addon


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  • Added warp 
  • Added is warp
  • Added npc to your land

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Very good addon wish there was an English version also could u make the island NPC invisible so it's not in the way of the tree other than that the addon is great
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