Published on January 15, 2023 (Updated on March 10, 2023)

SkyBlock Original para Minecraft Pe/Be & Java

Looking for a SkyBlock map like the original? Also, tired of using servers and internet to play it and with friends? and you have an old version of Minecraft, then this map is for you "Original SkyBlock" was created from version 1.3 of Minecraft pocket edition, and it's like the servers, but with the advantage of not having to connect to the internet to play it and also with your friends.

It has two islands in the world:

Your personal island.

An additional sand island.

3 islands in the underworld:

The island of the underworld.

An island of sand of souls.

An island of magma.

And finally a normal End.

Java edition!

at last! This map came with compatibility for java edition, I must clarify that it will be available for versions from 1.12.2 onwards, I will still be developing for previous versions, for example 1.8, one of my favorites, for now it will be compatible for this version.

Select version for changelog:


Bedrock y Pe edition:

new stuff added to chests!

fix "mcworld" file (overcompression)

Expansion of the Underworld fortress

I probably won't do the mineral spawner, because with the idea of ​​a shop, it can be replaced with a mineral vendor. In any case; Please if you don't agree with this. Let me know in the comments.

java edition:

At last! This map came with Java editing compatibility.

very soon! the map available in hardcore mode


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Hi, can I republish your addon ? I will not change other files, only translated into our country's language, I will attach the original download link and author
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Hi bro, how are you? Of course, don't worry, but would you send me the link so I can review it too when I get to update the map so I can talk to you via that means. If the translation is somewhat strange, it's because I'm using the translator: v. Regards
OK,add my Twitter: LineXic, My Facebook: LineXic, My Instagram: LineXic
your contact information?
It's like Pokémon yay!