[The First Update] SkyBlock PE HardCore 2022 The Wild Update

Welcome to SkyBlock PE HardCore! This version is currently on the wild update and features like wardens sculk blocks wouldn't appear on 1.18.There are several different islands in this world, most islands are about 50-100+ blocks away from the main island so you'd probably need an elytra or bridge all the way there. Notices1. The Nether and the End are both non-floating islands which means you are freely able to walk around both dimensions.2. There are only a few biome islands in this world. (New biomes coming soon!) 3. Why are there spawn eggs? Mobs can't spawn on the main island which means players need to spawn mobs directly which are shown in chests in the biome islands.4. Cheats are enabled it this world meaning you may use /gamemode c at any time. Please don't use it.   

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New Update: ~ • ~ Simple Adds ~ • ~

  • Added some new islands
  • This update was rushed meaning this part doesn't have a lot of information.



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doesn't work can you create a mcaddon file so i cant import it to minecraft
This comment has been removed
Thank you for the report beast7583. We'll soon add it later. I just added the .ZIP folder because I'm on mobile. But I'll soon make it into a .mcaddon file on my computer.
Note: Mobs may spawn on your island if you bridge about 32 blocks from your main island but, there is a catch to that. The mobs spawning on your island may despawn after a while so make sure to fence or leash them!