Slappers! [Clickable NPC] [1.15+]

Are you tired of clicking the same old stone button every time you want to do something? Are you a server administrator, realm owner or just want your world to be a lot cooler? Well, now you can wave goodbye to buttons and levers with this Slapper addon from PixelPoly! Simply configure the addon to your liking as described below and it's ready to go!

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- Updated download links, now redirect to our new website.
- Updated the description, made some changes in the credit and social links.

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Amigo actualizalo ala version mas reciente por que buscamos addons como estos para nuestro minecraft y tu addon es de calidad entonces actualizalo
IT DOESN'TTT WORKI CLIEKD THE SLAPER BUT ITSA' EXAPTLY LIEK THE /summon minecraft:npc FIX YOUR MOD! *clicks* *Dialog Box* but you can't change it FIX YOUR MODFD
Stop being an idiot kid
This addon doesn't work in 1.16. When clicking the slapper, the addon says, {name} + "Hello World!". I looked around the files and there might be a way to configure it externally, but many people can't do that. Please update this addon or provide a way to fix this issue. Thanks!
you can go to functions and you can put your command
I am trying out the slappers and it shows the dialog, how can I remove it?
What would be the process to change the skin of the slapper?
Is there way to disable the animations to make it stay still
Hey, beware it's not working on Realms, but nice release :)
It does not load wat the heck
All the eggs are black and don’t spawn anything in.
I Am using this in 1,16 and it still only says Hello World. can someone help me
you know why in behaviour pack there is a settings and put it on 1.16 resolution
Se puede para la versión 1.14.60 si no se puede por faaa actualizelo para esa versión por faaa lo descargue y lo puse en un mundo se pruebas y le doy al boto de configurar texto y solo me dice hello world
A mí me pasa igual