Published on September 30, 2020 (Updated on February 12, 2024)

ActualGuns 3D v1.5.3 - MK18 Overhaul

ActualGuns 3D is an add-on that brings high quality, 3D, fully animated guns into Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. It features 9 guns that are all balanced in their own ways, re-defining Minecraft combat.

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1.5 - MK18 Update

  • Re-made animations!
  • Fixed movement bug
  • Fixed rate of fire (rof) animations not being in sync
  • Optimized bullet disappearance if it travelled too far
  • You can't shoot whilst sprinting
  • You can't shoot whilst drawing
  • Adjusted rate of fire time
  • Adjusted sound positions
  • Adjusted accuracy
  • Adjusted overall velocity to 25 flat, aiming doesn't give you less velocity anymore
  • Adjusted mag capacity to 64 instead of 1
  • Changed reload mechanics: (loaded) hit block/entity with magazine in inventory to reload || (empty) hit/entity with magazine in inventory to reload OR "use/shoot/eat" item with magazine in inventory to reload
  • Changed sights texture.
  • Added muzzle flash
  • Added bullet holes/ricochet
  • Added draw sounds (to yourself only)
  • Added weight to empty gun
  • Added barrel particles for shooting


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2024/02/14 - Update is now LIVE! Thank you for waiting patiently for it.

====== Q&A ======
== Frequently Asked Questions ==

Q. "Why is this not working?"
A: The three most common culprits are:
1. Outdated game - Ensure you have the latest stable release of Minecraft.
2. Outdated add-on - Ensure you have the latest release of AG3D.
3. World settings - Ensure you have enabled both "Holiday Creator Features" and "MoLang Features" under "Experiments" in your world settings!
If none of these are the issue, please join our Discord server to submit a bug report or ask for further assistance.

Q. "Survival friendly?"
A: As of v1.4 onward, there are weapon smith villager trades. You can purchase both guns and ammunition from the village weapon smith. Furthermore, you may find guns and ammunition in pillager outposts. For versions older than 1.4, trade with the cleric - ammo gives you a gun, this was by design!

Q. "Where can I get help with- or find support for- ActualGuns 3D?"
A: We do not provide support via MCPEDL comments, nor Twitter. You are most likely to get questions answered in our Discord server, so if you have more questions or are experiencing issues with AG3D, please reach out to us there.
This comment has been removed
if you drop the ammo before you finish reloading you will keep the ammo
This addon got updated before GTA VI came out
Works great! BUT there IS a fatal flaw; The sniper rifles us /kill @e! that means that EVERY DROPPED ITEM AND MOB WILL DIE! Fix this and i'll rate 5 stars
I can confirm and it will be fixed in the next update.
Suggestions: add custom gun damage system or remove hit immunity for all guns
Sorry, I don't quite understand what you mean to say.
10/10 still my fav :)

please do Barrett M82A1 or AWP next those are my fav
Thank you!

Sure enough, we'll be working to update all of the guns. Keep an eye out for when your favourite is updated!
spacebaristhebestkey January 14, 2024 at 9:08 pm
yeh i shot the sky with a shotgun, no effect, sniper rifle sky insta kill 20001041049 block radius
no me funciona chale 😞
The pinned comment is slightly outdated as of (31/12/2023) 13:09 UK time.

For any queries regarding the update, you can reach out to me via MCPEDL comments, discord, twitter, or PixelPoly via their discord server.
Good mod, My favorite is bellelin :)
its a good mod but do you think you could add a knife?
pls advice for 21.20.30
Can't use the mod because of the update like the guns are there but they don't shoot or reload anymore and the img for the guns in the inventory are missing but the models aren't gone just unusable.
Yeah, I've got the same problem.
I Can’t reload