Published on April 14, 2019 (Updated on April 14, 2019)

Snakes Add-on

This Add-on adds a very dangerous animal to your game. The snakes! The snakes have very poison! Be very careful when walking in some biomes, principally in the jungle. The jungle is the snakes favorite biome!



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its impossible to install :( how can i do?
Warning This is why i give this addon 2 stars :(
1.Snakes should be 18 health not 6
2.Snakes should be 4 Attack damage not 2
3.Give the Snakes Animations
4.Snakes should drop 4 snake eggs
5.make them tame with raw chicken
6.only Baby Shakes can be tamed in 1.18
8.make a safe link
yea i agree with u too
An unsafe link. Attempted to install malware on click
Ironically, the red snake is in fact a king snake which is not venomous and completely harmless. If this bothers you just switch the yellow and black stripes so it's a coral snake instead which has lethal venom. Perhaps if you are planning on updating in the future I'd like to see sea snakes
Okay srsly fix this
Takes me to an inappropriate website ;-;
Guest-2656505079 May 24, 2020 at 4:53 am
rawr x3 uwu owo, yes daddy -nuzzles- x33
Yes very
Can you make them tameable PLS?
I need a media fire link or else I can’t download it
Model stolen from the animals+ mod, no animation, and is hard to find in the world.
Could you please add a media fire link? I can’t download this addon otherwise.
Add-on idea raccoon add-on adds raccoons they Spawn in Forest biomes
You can tame them they eat all kinds of food they are neutral mobs
add on idea raccoon this add on there found in Forest biomes eat all kinds of food except poison foods They stand on fours and two legs like wolves they neutral mobs there tamemble
Add on idea raccoon add on raccoons found in forest biomes stand on fours and 2 legs
Tameble and eats all kinds of food
Where Do You Download?????
This is a great addon. I really like snakes. They are so cute.
However, the download page that is full of ads just doesn't get me to the true download link.
Add-on idea rhino add-on