Published on July 15, 2020 (Updated on July 16, 2020)

Sneak Under Slabs

Greetings fellow humans I have made another addon. This addon makes you able to walk under slabs while sneaking. Without realizing it I have made a java parity addon lol. 

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fixed the link because it broke for some reason so it should be good now

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This is pretty cool
I downloaded it from your website <3
i'm on 1.16 (android) and it didn't work
go to mcpecore link and u will see a blue link with www.medafire and download that it should work
go to the mcpecore link it has the right file near the bottm-kanada
Very Cool addon
key kanada here join the discord i put the download there cus it seems like Mediafire broke. im trying to fix it so for now use the zip or join the discord idc which lol
Download is broken :(
Wow I was thinking of that while I am typing the link to mcpedl
Great work mate?