Published on December 26, 2018 (Updated on December 01, 2019)

Snowman Addon (1.8+)

This addon introduces new Snowmen to Minecraft, these will be used to fight off monsters in your world! 2 of these snowman are incredibly nice while one of them is incredibly mean!


The first snowman is the Normal Snowman, he's looks like the snow golem but you can give dye his scarf different colors. He spawns in the Snowy Plains biome! You can breed two of them together with a cookie to get a baby Snow Man and they also shoot snowballs that do damage!

The next snowman is the Ice Man which just has been frozen and has icicles on him, he's found in the Snowy Plains! You can breed two of them together with a cookie to get a baby Ice Man and they also shoot snowballs that do damage!

The final snowman is the Anti-Snowman which is very dangerous, he's found in the Nether and acts like a blaze in which he shoots fireballs at you!

Watch this video for a better explaination of the addon!

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  • Removed Sad Snowman Variant!
  • Removed Cool Snowman Variant!
  • Snowballs now do 3 damage per hit!
  • When dying the snowman, you can no longer use bonemeal, lapis lazuli, ink sacs, or coco beans! Instead you need turn those into their respected dyes!


  • This addon works for 1.13 & above!
  • You can make videos on this but "MUST" credit me!
  • You can use this in your content but "MUST" credit me!
  • Make sure "Experimental Gameplay" is turned "ON"

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4.78 / 5 (9 votes)
They don’t leave a trail of snow and they have fall damage snow golems don’t have that
Really cool addon, but add more snowman.
Suggestion: Anti-Snowmen shooting "Iceballs" or some sort of custom projectile.
I agree it’s cool idea, especially for modded play, but don’t change anything existing. Make ice balls that can be crafted by harvesting ice with silk touch
Here's A list of things you can add but you dont have to do it. This is just for you incase if you can think of anything. Hailstorm,stone magma,obsidian,iron,gold,diamond, big snow golem,mutant snow golem,coal & emerald snow golem. If you dont likes these ideals at all then ask people what snow golems that you could add but you dont have to. I will try this addon and i hope its really good
This addon is weak, because the creator puts no effort into the entities. NO EFFORT. The "anti-snowman" is just a vanilla Blaze! and the Anti-Snowman even flies like a Blaze... I hate when addon creators are lazy, its a blaze that's been retextured and remodeled.. am I the only one that notices it? or is everyone blind? He flies, its a blaze, why ForgeLogical...why take the cheap way out.
Why do you care. It's cute and you don't know how to make this, do you now.
Yup. I saw it in their .json file
Shush dude. He's trying his best. Do you not realize how hard it is to make a add-on? It takes time and concentration. What if you make a add-on and they say the same thing to you? Try making it for yourself brat.
Just to tell you... January 02, 2019 at 11:32 pm
Minecraft already has snowman; to build, make a snow golem then shear it. Well, at least this addon adds more snowmen.
The point is it adds more. How do you not see this
I got it and yep...V i r u s f r e e
It says it has missing dependencies for both texture and behavior packs.
Try doing it on 1.8 maybe.
Very cool addon, I have an idea for a snowman. The Snowstorm snowman(golem) He rapidly shoots snowballs.
I think you should add that
I’m about to download it. It looks legit!!
How is this 1.8 compatible since 1.8 has already released?
You switch back to 1.8 and use it
Is this for Windows 10 and do you have to turn on experimental game play?