Sonic Adventure Addon (Beta 1)

Sonic and his friends haven’t been active much lately so they decided to give u a friendly visit! But they also have a few enemies too. This Sonic addon when active in ur game will bring sonic and his gang into ur world and they go fast!.. 

Sonic and his friends are friendly unless u hit them while i have eggbots like e101 who arent so nice. Most features are still a work in progress and behaviors will change such as e102gammas shooting behavior isn’t on yet but will be soon. Sonic and his friends also attack eggman and his eggpawnsa including chaos. Chaos emeralds haven’t been added just yet but also help sonic collect all the chaos emeralds so he can become supersonic in the future betas. dont forget that I’m in the addon too! 🙂


To install, i click or tap on the download links and it will either take u to mediafire or automatically download for u and then u import the addon into ur mc world and enable it.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.11 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 1.6

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39 Responses

4.2 / 5 (15 votes)
  1. Edgyy says:

    Ew gay ass sonic

  2. Guest-3108510125 says:

    Also add metal sonic, tikal, the master emerald and chaos 1-6

  3. Guest-1801005520 says:

    I think you should put chao, eggman, cream &Knuckles in the addon as characters and a question, Do you support sonic Adventure 2 characters? Oh And also Do an add-on that adds Classic Sonic from Generations

  4. Guest-4816356370 says:


  5. Guest-4692624915 says:

    Can I Run This By Just Clicking The File? (I Know I Just Asked A Stupid Question Tho.)

  6. Guest-4613888971 says:

    This honestly looks really impressive.
    Its a shame this is on PE, because in general this would be a cool mod for Java.

  7. Guest-2807952231 says:

    Eggman maybe?

  8. Guest-9875084119 says:

    it seems I’m the only one having issues? Any tips?

  9. Guest-3398643187 says:

    Could you make it so that the characters follow you

  10. Guest-2860304174 says:

    Hi this is Kingcreeperblue. I like to give you a suggestion of a five nights at Sonic’s maniac mania add-on. The characters are the same night as sonic and the others. Some look taller and some are smaller. If you don’t know what FNaS is or what the characters look like. Then please look up the characters and game. Maybe you can play the game itself to give you some ideas for a map or something.

  11. Guest-5190115838 says:

    Amazing, Addon Adam! really Appreciate it! can i make a review of it (even if it’s a little late?) pls???

    5/5 STARS!

  12. Guest-6045988736 says:

    how I get the the charaters

  13. Guest-3822187988 says:


  14. Guest-7119954793 says:

    I would love 4 you to make the deadly six as an enemy! It’ll be nice to have them on.

  15. Guest-8630808196 says:

    Very good

  16. delta_19 says:

    Its so cool!! i love this addon! sonic its my favorite character ever, thanks to do this addon!! :D!

  17. Guest-4006765810 says:

    In the next update will you be able to morph as any Characters?

  18. Guest-1448096225 says:


    Seems legit

  19. atomic flounder says:

    finally, a sonic mod for potentially Xbox 1. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get one for Xbox 1 and now it may finally be possible. here’s hoping good luck for the future. add some of the music from the game if possible.

  20. Guest-6842570338 says:

    Nice addon but please add Knuckles, Eggman, the rings, chaos emeralds, Super Sonic, badnicks and animals thanks

  21. Great job! Maybe add some animal capsules that Eggman uses as traps, and when either Sonic or Tails sees one, they run for it and get trapped inside.

  22. Liam TDP says:

    Wow the models are amazing and very realistic Good job👍

  23. The Joker says:

    Very good guy !!!
    Keep it up.

  24. Guest-4318194295 says:

    Sonic and tails and even Amy are TOO SLOW, and chaos I way too small. Just sprinting normally can OUTRUN them! And chaos is like, TOWERING over buildings in the game, and in the mod is Like the size of the Ender dragon!

  25. Guest-9263270005 says:

    Where is Knuckles?

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