Published on April 28, 2019

Spawn near a Mesa Bryce/Ice Spike combo with 3 Villages and a Pillager Outpost nearby! (For v.1.11+ only)

This sick 1.11 seed will spawn you on a small Plain Biome island but if you turn around and go straight behind spawn, you'll find a Mesa Bryce touching an Ice Spike biome! In the Ice Spike biome, there is an mountain with a opening at the top that is perfect for building a base! Keep going straight behind spawn past the Mesa Bryce/Ice Spike biomes to find a Pillager Outpost near a Village! There is so much to explore and find in this amazing seed and the coordinates are listed below! 

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I used this for my new survival let’s play. I started by looting a village :P
Is this in an old world or infinite world
Old worlds are 256x256. This is clearly infinite as the shipwreck mentioned had coordinates larger than 256.
Also found another pillager outpost and 7 more villages
How do you get melons
Technical toon trop June 21, 2019 at 6:58 am
This seed is very useful star wars addon

Sama seed guys super

I am try you try this seed friend
Technical toon trop June 21, 2019 at 6:54 am
This seed is very use star wars mod

Sama seed guys super
This seed have mineshaft too !
Very good seed
4th village north outpost village: 573, 70, -1223
super seed for head start
Wow! This is an awesome seed!
Enderdragon (post_lord) May 01, 2019 at 10:08 am
Yes yes my friendo