Published on August 31, 2021 (Updated on July 05, 2022)

Spry Conquest [Draconic Update]

Have you ever wanted Minecraft to feel more grand? Perhaps more challenging? Well your dreams have finally been answered with Spry Conquest! This fantastical expansion presents a large amount of features including mobs, items, blocks, and more! A lot of thought and care has been put into creating this add-on, and I am still planning on many more additions for the future! This add-on does not use player.json, which means that it is compatible with almost every other add-on!

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1.5.0 Draconic Update!

-Added Dragonkin

-Added Karabs

-Added Spider Hatchlings

-Added Tamable Drakes

-Overhauled Drakes

-Overhauled Wretches

-Improved Wrought Sentry AI

-Improved Lost Soul AI

-Changed the Spider Queen to the Spider Monarch

-Improved Spider Monarch AI

-Fixed Skeletons interfering with other add-ons

-Revamped Grape Vines

-Revamped Herba Plants

-Revamped Goblins

-General bug fixes

-And tons more!


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This is sick, absolutely lovely and a huge inspiration for Bedrock Addon creation as a whole. Top tier art and assets, wonderful design, and you touched world-gen. Many respect, 11/5 stars
Where exactly do the spider monarchs spawn ive been searching everywhere and cant find a single one
the only defect is that the texture of the web is buggy, which makes the gameplay ugly, if possible fix it, otherwise very good
This mod is my favourite. 🤩
5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Its very vanilla oriented and its art design is simply splendid, I love the alcohol feature very fantastical indeed! However I simply must ask where is the spyr that I must conquer? This is what I shall ponder...

Also big well done on the 4 stars, maybe we can make it 5 soon?
I use your pack as my main addon to my world, i love it, love how you keep with the medieval feel and hope to see more updates in future.
muy buen addon, una consejo seria agregarle mas animales domesticables como un hipogrifo, gracias por el addon!!
Hi! I was wandering if I could use this mod in a mod pack I’m making! If you want credit in the description let me know! I won’t add it until you respond.
Literally my favorite addon ever can't wait for the next update.
Man. This Addon is Really Good! Btw Could you Add The Lightning Drake/Dragon Which its a Stronger Version of The Wretch. its ok if you dont wanna add it. its your Decision.
This comment has been removed
Hey man when will this updated, and if it does, will be able to go on realms?
[Bug report] when tamed and damaged, with the glacis drake, you can't heal him with the glacis shard, like the pyre drake, you can heal him with pyre shards. Note: you only can heal the glacis drake with pyre shards. Maybe in the next update its can be fixed
the best addon i have ever seen! honestly met all my expectations, a very well created, developed addon and not to mention the dragons. Bro this is great, congratulations you made an excellent addon that I will keep with me
When will the next update happen? (Weeks, months, etc.)
This is easily the best mod i have ever used. I love all the fantasy beasts and the texturing, animations and models are all magnificent. I can’t wait for the next update to come out, which will hopefully happen soon as you have stated it to be the best one yet.