Published on August 31, 2021 (Updated on July 05, 2022)

Spry Conquest [Draconic Update]

Have you ever wanted Minecraft to feel more grand? Perhaps more challenging? Well your dreams have finally been answered with Spry Conquest! This fantastical expansion presents a large amount of features including mobs, items, blocks, and more! A lot of thought and care has been put into creating this add-on, and I am still planning on many more additions for the future! This add-on does not use player.json, which means that it is compatible with almost every other add-on!

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1.5.0 Draconic Update!

-Added Dragonkin

-Added Karabs

-Added Spider Hatchlings

-Added Tamable Drakes

-Overhauled Drakes

-Overhauled Wretches

-Improved Wrought Sentry AI

-Improved Lost Soul AI

-Changed the Spider Queen to the Spider Monarch

-Improved Spider Monarch AI

-Fixed Skeletons interfering with other add-ons

-Revamped Grape Vines

-Revamped Herba Plants

-Revamped Goblins

-General bug fixes

-And tons more!


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This is sick, absolutely lovely and a huge inspiration for Bedrock Addon creation as a whole. Top tier art and assets, wonderful design, and you touched world-gen. Many respect, 11/5 stars
This is an amazing addon! Me, and all my friends love this addon. This is the perfect medieval fantasy addon, I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in this sort of thing. Anyways, thanks!
Unas ideas para darle mas usos a la magia y crafteos,seria util una nueva invocaci贸n de un drag贸n esqueleto hecho obvio de los huesos de uno para futuras peleas,este seria mas d茅bil y atacaria con fuego de alma. Adem谩s de un nuevo drag贸n de coral,el cual atacaria con con burbujas y solo podria ser domesticado consiguiendo un huevo en su nido.
Pls tell why which structures work and which don鈥檛 pls help
Pls tell meh what structures don鈥檛 load yet?
Idk If more people have this problem, but in my case I can't plant or broke herba leaves, they seem to be broken now in 1.19.20. It only happens in servers and realms but not in regular worlds. Hope you fix it soon :c
Please Help :(
Everything in this addon is working for me and my server, the only bug im having is all New Crafting Tables have no UI... any idea how to fix this or what could be causing this?
Love the addon btw!
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Pls tell if all structures don鈥檛 work yet or is it just spider nest pls pls help
Funciona en la 1.18?
What Structures don鈥檛 naturally generate yet?
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Future updates could include: #1 Trogre campsites #2 Spider Nest mini (both spawn in forests) #3 Goblin outpost (similar to dwarf structure) #4 Carab boss #5 Carab cove (with loot chests and Carab boss) #6 Trogre boss #7 Mythiral and argent arrows (to deal more damage) #8 backpacks #9 Some sort of nature or green drake (to spawn in forest nests) #10 sand drake (really cool!) #11, and tornado spell, cause that would be sick. Finally, dwarf and Elvin villages (it would make sense for more lore) I hope that鈥檚 not too much to ask for and u don鈥檛 have to add any of this but if u did it would be better then electrobobs wizardry, the best addon for Java, especially if u add costume potion aspect. Keep it Up Jeffy, ur add ons r da best I know off ;)
Great Addon! Love the mob texturing, and the animations are so cool! The detail in the blocks and items is extraordinary! Keep up the good work and and I鈥檇 love to see more future updates!
Of course, I do not oblige you, but this addon very much began to remind me of Skyrim .... it would be nice if you made a separate addon and screams from Skyrim.