Published on August 31, 2021 (Updated on July 05, 2022)

Spry Conquest [Draconic Update]

Have you ever wanted Minecraft to feel more grand? Perhaps more challenging? Well your dreams have finally been answered with Spry Conquest! This fantastical expansion presents a large amount of features including mobs, items, blocks, and more! A lot of thought and care has been put into creating this add-on, and I am still planning on many more additions for the future! This add-on does not use player.json, which means that it is compatible with almost every other add-on!

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1.5.0 Draconic Update!

-Added Dragonkin

-Added Karabs

-Added Spider Hatchlings

-Added Tamable Drakes

-Overhauled Drakes

-Overhauled Wretches

-Improved Wrought Sentry AI

-Improved Lost Soul AI

-Changed the Spider Queen to the Spider Monarch

-Improved Spider Monarch AI

-Fixed Skeletons interfering with other add-ons

-Revamped Grape Vines

-Revamped Herba Plants

-Revamped Goblins

-General bug fixes

-And tons more!


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This is sick, absolutely lovely and a huge inspiration for Bedrock Addon creation as a whole. Top tier art and assets, wonderful design, and you touched world-gen. Many respect, 11/5 stars
This is positively the best fantasy mod of all time! I love all the animations, mobs and elemental powers. What would be great is a dragon scale armor or some different elements, like wind, earth and water.
why can't I craft elemental swords in my minecraft 1.19.41, when everything else works fine
10/10 addon, love it to death! By far the best dragon mod, what would be cool though is dragon scale armor or maybe a sea based type dragon!
Will the next update be compatible with realms and other addons?
(Does/will it use player.json and gametest framework?)

(Hopefully it will be!)
Does anyone know why some mobs are not seen on my server?
Hey brother I love your addon, will a new update be this year?
¿Si uso la versión de Minecraft 1.17.11 el complemento me podría dar algún error o tendría que usar otra versión más antigua de este?
This is and will always be my favorite addon for mcpe, I don't like add-ons that add more realistic mobs and items I love how this is well made, high quality, fun, and keeps that blocky aesthetic Minecraft has.
How can I plant the grapes or where can I get them?
bro podrías hacer que el dragón eléctrico aparezca como el dragón de fuego o simple mente puedes hacer que las tormentas eléctricas sean más frecuentes porque llevo demasiado tiempo intentando que me aparezca ese dragón
Why can’t I find any cool structures like spider nests or goblin mines or the dwarfs house’s pls fix this
I removed the structures since I'm remaking them in the next update.
Cool! When is next update though?
I must say, its a great add-on but tge structures seem to no longer spawn.. please fix
I cant seem to find any other structures spawn other than the Drake nests.

Is there a way to fix this or will be fixed in the next update?
I have found a glitch we’re the dragons are invisible