Published on November 02, 2021


This add-on adds in some new ores that can be used with some of my other add-ons. Also, this add-on is quite useless by it's own. You can download it and play with it if you like to collect ores I guess.

Here are all the features that are in the add-on

Ores & Minerals


  • Generates between: y 0-182
  • Iterations: 20
  • Max ores per vein: 17



  • Generates between: y 0-78
  • Iterations: 14
  • Max ores per vein: 9



  • Generates between: y 0-89
  • Iterations: 16
  • Max ores per vein: 11



  • Generates between: y 0-46
  • Iterations: 8
  • Max ores per vein: 9



  • Generates between: y 0-74
  • Iterations: 13
  • Max ores per vein: 9



  • Generates between: y 0-64
  • Iterations: 20
  • Max ores per vein: 11


The ores drop raw variants of the mineral and can be smelted in a furnace or a blast furnace.



If you want to make some alloys, you'll need an alloy smelter first. Here's how to craft it:


And here's all the alloys you can make with it:


(Needs 5 copper ingots and 1 tin ingot)



(Needs 8 iron ingots and 1 coal)



As I said in the introduction, this add-on is quite useless by its own so I will use it in other add-ons but maybe I'll add some of these features to make it somewhat more useful by it's own:

  • Raw Ore Blocks
  • Deepslate variants of the ores
  • Tools & Weapons
  • Armor
  • Nuggets


Known Issues:

  • The Alloy smelter's rotation is not functioning properly
  • When mined the ore with a pickaxe, the pickaxe will not lose durability (maybe a Minecraft bug???)


Also, please enable these experimental gameplay settings or else the add-on wont work properly :>


Terms of Use: MUST READ!!!

By downloading this add-on or any other projects I made, you agree to the terms of use below:

  • You are not allowed to re-publish this add-on anywhere else. This add-on should only be seen on MCPEDL and my website. If you see this add-on on any other site or application, report it to me immediately.
  • You are not allowed to claim this add-on as your own.
  • You are not allowed to create your own direct links. Use the links in the download section or the MCPEDL page instead.
  • If you are using this addon for a YouTube video, please credit me (For example. In the video's description, maybe put a link that directs you to this page, a link that directs you to my YouTube channel, or a link that directs you to my MCPEDL profile).
  • You have permission to use this in your world or add-on pack/modpack but please credit me and also please do not monetize it (If you're sharing it).



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If you have anything to suggest, please leave it here or in my Discord Server
espero que agregues armaduras y el mineral de tungsteno seria el mod perfecto es raro ver un mod donde haya mineral de titanio y de tungsteno.
I forgot to mention, this add-on works best on 1.17.40 because some components don't work in older versions!
Can you please update this mod. The titanium ore is not working it spawns as the update block.
I'll obviously update it. But for the bug, maybe I'll have to check it first. Thanks for the bug report anyways.
So uh, the code looks pretty fine. Nothing wrong with the content log also. What version of Minecraft are you on?
Cool, for collections, I wouldn't say useless about it because you work of it....
Cool Addon
If you have anything to suggest, please leave it here or in my Discord Server
ta bueno el complemento pero en futuras actualizaciones de tu mod agregaras mas usos supongo ¿
can you add uses? they're useless otherwise.