Published on June 18, 2019 (Updated on July 12, 2019)

SENIOR H’s Custom Shields: Blocks

This pack is created to change your  vanilla shields into Minecraft blocks ! (with your choice). Already 16 unique Textures are available in Sub-packs and you can choose which you want.

list of available Blocks :





-Oak log



-Smooth stone



-Stone bricks NEW

- ice NEW

- sand NEW 

-polished andesite NEW

-polished diorite NEW

-polished granite NEW

i’ll design other blocks for shields on next updates too! also , tell me your feedbacks about the pack please !♥️❤️♥️

How to change  texture for shield :

1. click on the pack ( you have to Add it to Active packs First ) you will see a “Settings” button.

2. now you can switch between Textures easily!

Select version for changelog:


VER 1.2.0 Change log :

- added 6 new block textures 

- fixed some texture bugs 


 first step : 

  • click on “Download the pack now!”
  • check the captcha , if another page opened , close it , it’s an AD
  • first wait 10 seconds , then get the link
  • When you click on Download , another page will be opened, close that , it’s an ad
  • Your done !

Second step:

  • Download and import the pack
  • add to a world
  • enjoy the blocks on your shields !

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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4.38 / 5 (8 votes)
Also din't work
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WARNONG TO EVERYONE!:The link (miniurl) is inappropriate and contaoms adwares, i had malware bytes and avast that told me!please senior change download link!!!
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Netherite please!
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Add a magma block in a shield pls :-) :-) :-)
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Yo I tried to download but it keep sending me to a shady website. When it said it’ll give me the link. It kept making new tabs. Can you just sent me the link of the mod???
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I’m replacing one with chef Ainsley and it’s going to be great
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Meh love it
I wish you could add all of the sields you made and make it one big one
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Awesome , Love ittt , The Best , No idea how it's made , senior h is a genious , greaaaatttt ♥️❤
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Omg I was just thinking about this idea to day
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I love this idea thanks
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