Published on April 24, 2021 (Updated on October 16, 2021)

Minecraft Star Wars Rogue One Map

Star wars Addon (from El Sando ) keeps expanding in maps and updates, don't forget to subscribe to El Sando if you like star wars

Scarif from rogue one now in minecraft DOWNLOAD NOW!!!!

EL Sando

To start
There are two versions of this map, the other version you will find on my YouTube channel, but this version is the coolest as it has the updated Star wars addon


YOU WILL START IN CREATIVE MODE SINCE YOU WILL MAKE THE MOVIE, in your inventory you will find the mobs so that you can put them in the world reliving scenes from the movie

Suport video

Team Rex or Team Phantom?

The other version of this map is based on story mode (link in the video description)
In my channel you will find unique files (unique benefits if you are a subscriber)

With this map you can have fun for hours since the environment is created to destroy it

just like the movie this Addon has spaceships from both sides, put too many and enjoy the scene you have created !!!



In a short time I will update this map since it is a remake of one that I had already done

essentially this map are for true star wars fans as it has easter eggs on the map, find them all

Suport Video
Haven't played my god of war addon? look for it in mcpedl or in the link of my videos, PLAY IT NOW

continuing with the map I hope you enjoy it and support it a lot, this will motivate me to continue updating this map

Don't forget I'm El Sando...




Select version for changelog:


new improvements in the main tower is now more faithful to the movie and less square, improvements were also added in the ambeitne by adding custom trees in this also the textures of the latest version of the star wars addon were added

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I cant download this thanks to trash addfly on pc you should use linkvertise it let us move foward
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