Published on August 11, 2019 (Updated on August 16, 2019)

Steel Texture Pack

This Texture pack to put it simply replaces all diamond items from weapons and armour, all the way to the simple enchantment table. This is for those that want a more realistic looking armour set rather than a bright blue player and items.

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i have made my page titles normal text and not the header text


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Can you make it so if you smelt iron it makes steel
Link doesnt work. thanks for the viruses. -_-
i never download anything from it will always end up downloading a virus
can you send me a direct link to the mediafire TP? adfly no work on Xcube. (i call xbox 'Xcube')
1 doesn't ever work on windows 10 either
What are the shader you use redrix
Could you make blacken steel armor? Can you also make a separate texture pack that doesn't have the wither skull on the shield?
Yes, black steel armour would be good!
Blacken steel armor could also be a cool idea, would match with the wither shield too
What download for is deleted
When I open the link it says it has been deleted. Can you please update it?
I really was hoping that this textured iron into steel only because when you use iron and Flint in magically turns to steel to make Flint and steel lol but this is amazing cool concept
Fair Enough chain mail could possibly be replaced to cobble stone in another recource pack reply if you would want that
I would, could you also make a separate pack to this one that removes the wither skull from the shield? Would highly appreciate it thanks!
Cool texture pack I hope you continue making more like these
Oh I thought you would retexture chainmail and stone weapons.....
No it was a comparison but im thinking of making chain mail cobble stone armor in a second recource pack
JustARandomNameOkay123456789 August 11, 2019 at 10:11 pm
Notch originally planned for there to be only iron and steel, so this resource pack doesn't completely stray from the game's original vision.
I typed way to fast and made a few errors there in typing lol
A known problem is the UK language setting shows diamons horse armor not "armour" the UK english spelling... other than that tell me if there are any problems :-)