Published on February 05, 2021 (Updated on February 18, 2021)

Step (Parkour)

Jump, dive and parkour your way across an air-ship filled land which guarantees a lot a fun whether you're playing in solo or multiplayer. Includes custom items & textures!

by manifest.


Any & all suggestions really are appreciated and will go a long way in making this map the best parkour adventure it can be.

After discovering a series of small islands on the horizon, your crew along side your captain decide to investigate only to find that reaching whatever it is, is a lot harder than you originally expected with even the captain of the ship being taken by the void.

It's up to you to traverse the tricky terrain and reach each air-ship until the end is in sight, will you accept the challenge?

There are a few easter eggs & secrets hidden all around the ships at spawn along with a loose pirate theme & backstory so try find them all or just kick back on the lower-deck and chug your rum before you start, it's up to you!

All textures were made by me exclusively for this map, please do not re-upload anything.

There are currently 10 checkpoints to this map with many MANY more in the works.
2 of which (brown & black) were added in this update!
With a LOT of different jump types and necessary parkour styles to allow hours of fun.

A trailer for the map if you want a closer look into what you're getting! (made during and using the beta release of this map)

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Step v1.0.2 (Official Release) Changelog:

  • added a 'STEP' logo at spawn
  • added 2 brand new checkpoints taking the total to 10 (brown & black)
  • added new parkour types including invisible, mixed-choice and roofed
  • added a more abandoned look to the Captain's quarters
  • added help-signs to make exploration a little easier to understand
  • added a few other things to make the map feel more polished for the official release
  • changed the signage at spawn
  • changed the detail on the checkpoint air-ships
  • changed the difficulty of some jumps
  • fixed unintentional shortcuts
  • fixed a missing blocks
  • fixed a few extra bugs


There are no ads and all links lead to a mediafire download, all I ask is you consider subscribing to my YouTube channel and any issues ask for my discord.

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Thank you so much for making this map! It has the perfect balance of difficulty for me. I can really see that you have taken a lot of time making it and I'm having a lot of fun playing it. I would really like to see more of this. Keep up the good work!
Hey, which program do you recommend to make custom maps? I can't find anything for bedrock
I do everything in-game and use the program aseprite for making any custom textures
I loved it! You surely have taken some time into the making of this map, especially noticing the slime jumps. As I have just recently returned back to parkour, it was actually fun yet a tad bit hard. I also love the detail you have put into the map. Keep up the good work and continue to make maps like these!
Appreciate the love! It definitely took some time but this is just the beginning don't you worry...