Published on March 04, 2021 (Updated on March 08, 2021)

Super Mario PROJ. 64 (Princess Peach's Castle) Course 1, Custom Music & More

This is a fan-made map which replicates as much as possible from the original Super Mario 64 game on the N64 console but in Minecraft. From the tree placements to the jumping into the paintings to reach each course, everything should feel familiar!

by manifest.

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PROJ. 64 Chnagelog v1.0.1

  • added Course 1 - Bob-omb Battlefield keeping it as close to how it would've been seen and played on the N64
  • added custom music discs including soundtrack classics like the 'Title Theme' & the background track to 'Bob-omb Battlefield'
  • added the 'Castle Courtyard'
  • added giant princess Peach build (you'll know when you see it)
  • added the missing centre 'sun' rug
  • added details to some of the rooms missing it
  • changed the aesthetic surrounding the waterfall
  • changed door textures
  • changed a few other textures
  • changed the logo painting
  • fixed world lag issues
  • fix a few other bugs


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download before nintendo gets here
This music is an absolute bop. But when I tried to get it back (the main theme at the beginning lobby thing), the disc went somewhere unreachable. Also, I think this map is very well made and I can see the effort put into it, but it is more aesthetic than it is technical. A few ideas to improve some features is maybe the mystery boxes could be dispensers and I guess you would have to push a button to get something.
It looks, good man :)
make 1.14 version looks very cool
Why dont you just update your game?