Stone Decorations Add-on

Are you bored with the monotony in the cave, nether, the end? Then this addon will add you new decorations for caves and for measurements now you will meet new stalactites in nether, the end and in a cave stone pieces and stalactites!

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Please update to 1.16
Guest-4265141387 May 28, 2020 at 6:14 pm
They should be more common
The stalactites and stalagmites don't spawn close to spawn (Overworld), Nether nor the End! Why? I don't freaking know! By the way, yes I have checked three things that requires the Addon to spawn those things: Experimental Gameplay turned on, 1.13 above got.
Do the decorations spawn naturally?
Another suggestion is to have decorations that hang from the ceiling.
AwesomeEVAN555 they do spawn in caves but it has a lower chance of spawning I tried it and now I put them in my survival worlds
How do you make them spawn normally in 1.12?
Okay, I want to download this addon so bad. However, when I click the mediafire link, a pop-up will ask “do you want to download so and so .mcaddon?” When I click download, it takes me to the file app. If I click on the stone decor file, it will go to Minecraft, but it will fail to install. If this is an iOS 13 thing then can someone show me how to install addons? Or at least show me how to get to the original mediafire file web page?
Okay so I really want to install this, but when I click on the media fire link, I’ll get a pop-up that says “do you want to download (insert addon) .mpack?” When I click download, it takes me to the file app. If I try to install it on there, Minecraft will just not except it. Is there a way to get to the original file .mcpack link?
Do they naturally appear in worlds?
Thanks for making the things I requested
Perhaps add stalagmite-modeled mobs that have the levitation effect so they go on the roof?
*stalagmites. stalactites are on the ceiling
How about pebbles in the surface
Nice so now it can add more decoration/actualy something in caves or nether
How did you download it?