Published on June 20, 2021 (Updated on February 28, 2022)

StoneTombs Addon V6.5 (Compatible with Any Addon)

The addon brings tombs that allow you to store your items when the player dies, it will also show your death sentences and give you a key that will allow you to teleport to the tomb.

Experimental Game

For a better gaming experience it is highly recommended that you activate all these experimental games.


As I had previously explained, the tomb has the function after death, it will take care of collecting all your items at the time of death.

It will also give you a key that in case this enchanted will allow you to teleport to your grave, another interesting thing is that it will say the coordinates of death.


What is a subpacks? It is a configuration within the same addon that allows you to have different functions for each section of the subpack. This addon in question has 2 sub-packs, 1 is for a random enchanted key and the other is for always the enchanted key.

When you die, the tomb will come out with the player's name and it will give you a key, depending on the configuration you chose in the subpack, the key will be enchanted or not, this key will allow you to do tp in case you have the subpackage configuration in Key Enchanted , if you have it in Random Key Enchanted you can only take it out and use it to open the tomb

If you die in lava do not worry that is not a problem since the tomb will generate cobblestone underneath it to prevent your objects from burning


to be able to make your self tp to the grave you must have the key in hand and hold down the screen if you are on a cell phone and right click if you are on a pc, it should be clarified that this addon is divided into 2 configurations through subpack one where you receive the enchanted key all the time and another where you will only have 10% to remove the enchanted key, in case it is not clear, the enchanted key is the one that allows you to do tp to the grave


Custom Command

The addon has a custom command that will help players to enchant their normal keys and thus find their grave more easily in case they don't want to walk so much.

The requirements to be able to execute this command are the following:

-Have a normal key in inventory.
-Have a Pearl of ender also in inventory.

Once these 2 requirements are met, run the following command in the chat.


If you are wondering if this addon works in multiplayer, the answer is yes, however I can only confirm its good operation in reamls since it works on servers such as atheros, but sometimes it does not, so it varies a lot.




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- Fixed bugs in the tombs model

- Change in some functions


Download Guide

Go to the links, then down and click on "Free Access With ads", then click on "Discover interesting Articles from the web" and click on X, wait for the time it says and press X again, then press to "continue" and voila, this is the same for all the links in this plugin

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El addom me funciona muy bien en multiplayer local y en un jugador, pero cuando lo he intentado implementar en un servidor de aternos no me va, ¿requiere alguna configuración adicional para que funcione?, o directamente no es compatible con servidores? (los modos de juegos experimentales si están activos)
Al momento de morir no me da la llave ni aparece la tumba
j'ai faite un vidéo sur ton addon:
Does not work in the latest version of Minecraft.
hey your mod is great I would like you to tell me if you are going to update it to version 1.18.10 since it stops working. I just checked it.
Es compatible para la Versión del Minecraft Bedrock 1.18.10 ?
hey my friends always dies and they forget and just leave the gravestone how can i get rid of that?
One question, is it for non-premium servers?
Because I put it in aternos and it doesn't generate the tomb or the keys, it has all the experimental modes.
This addon is compatible with other addons?
Update ur website to download the latest version please
This version is not compatible with version 1.17.34 right?
I have a question. If I die 3 times in a row, before I even open 1 tomb... Do I get 3 keys or do I get stuck with only 1 key?
Can I use this in my big pig smp, I will credit you 😁
When used in Realm it fails both in texture and behavior!