Strat's Food Expansion (v1.6)

Discover and create new foods to give you the meals that your stomach deserves! This add-on was created to give you a challenge and make you eat more than just a few portions of beef every now and then.

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Main Features:

  • Added Crop Bush variants (Forest, Taiga, Tropical and Torrid)
  • Added Rice (found in torrid bushes)
  • Added Chilli Peppers (found in tropical bushes)
  • Added Coconuts (found in tropical bushes and as trees) - throwable
  • Added Corn (found in torrid bushes)
  • Added Tortillas (by cooking dough in a frying pan)
  • Added 10+ new meals
  • Corn and Rice can be grinded for flour
  • Added Coconut Helmets
  • Redesigned Pot and Frying Pan
  • Chopping Boards now have grips


Technical Changes:

  • Added RTX compatibility
  • Fixed Cook Book
  • Recoded Pot
  • Recoded Frying Pan/Skillet
  • Pestle and Mortars no longer allows you to retrieve crops place inside it



  • Strats_Food_Expansion_v1.6.mcaddon (1.62 MB)
  • (1.62 MB)

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Pinned comment
This is Very good and neat. commonly other food addon are not neat. Btw add drink sometime.

one issue: there's no banana tree
no me deja plantar los cultivos, cuando los intento plantar estos arruinan la tierra, no se si es por lo estoy usando en un servidor de aternos aunque dudo que sea eso
Actualizalo porfa para la 1.19.63 para adelante porque los cultivos del tomate lechuga y maiz no siembran
Rly nice bro

only thing I didn't like is some of the saturation levels are very very high.
I can't seem to plant some of the crops like tomatoes.
Overall a 5 stars mod, however, i think it would be neat if manual stations like grinder and the butter one (forgot the name) allowed you to add stacks of items instead of doing it 1 by 1, as it simply is not fun, nor is it challenging, it's just boring, time consuming and discourages planting more than half of a handful of any crops which need to be refined theough these stations, same applies to things like dough's crafting recipe.
Also, about the crops themselves, i don't know if this is from the base game, or the mod, as i don't really care for vanilla minecraft, but as the crops have random yield quantities, sometimes you'll only get one plant, thus making the harvest useless since you will need to replant it anyways so it is not a loss, maybe cap it a 2 minimum?
And what's the point of the water container? Genuine question, because it seems way more worth it to make a pond at your kitchen so you have quicker access to water.
Again, sorry for bothering if the crop thing is from the base game, 5 stars mod, other than these complaints.
Love the addon! It's a great addition to my realm, but one issue is the crops won't place on farmland, it breaks immediately. Can we please get a fix for that?

The placeable food is amazing though and I wish there were more! Keep it up ^^
please upload again the link that was broken
When I try to craft rice seeds, they turn into lettuce seeds.
Best addon
can you make it so there's two separate mcpacks instead of an mcaddon??
the seeds cannot be planted now, and the honey I think is from the red tree cannot be obtained in the jar
can you tell me your Minecraft version because I have the same problem and I have Minecraft version: 1.19.11
Hello, I had a problem with this addon. I was on an old version of this addon but I got a problem that the cooking book isn't opening I tried to use geometry fix and block geo fixer addons but this wasn't useful. I got the addon mcpedl website and when I knew that there was another version of the addon that fixed this problem I downloaded it and I disabled the old addon BP and RP and enabled the new addon BP and RP and entered. when I entered everything was glitching (I knew that this could happen) so I was testing in a copy of my world, I thought that because the old addon was in this world, I created a new world. and tried the addon the cooking book problem was fixed! but there's a bigger problem. There are no bushes in the world I thought that might this area doesn't have bushes, so I got bushes from creative and tried to grow them ( I tried all kinds of bushes ) but it isn't working I traveled far places but there are no bushes. I tried to grow tomatoes, lettuce, and other plants. their seeds didn't grow in dirt. I tried to use a hoe with the dirt but that wasn't useful.
My Minecraft version is: 1.19.11
Do you know if I need to update it to fix the problem?
Thanks for your time.
Only thing can fix is upgrade your minecraft version to 1.19.20 or higher because the minecraft decided to fix the geo problem they have before 1.19.20
Esta genial el mod, pero ¿Cómo planto las semillas?
Great mod but seeds can no longer be planted can this addon be updated. Thanks again for making a great addon!
can you tell me your Minecraft version because I have the same problem and I have Minecraft version: 1.19.11
Hello, I love your addon. I have found that the seeds cant be planted on my single player or my server. Did i do something worng? Is this a bug? Keep up the awesome content!!