Published on April 24, 2021 (Updated on May 18, 2022)

The Drinks Update! | Strat's Food Expansion (v1.5)

Discover and create new foods to give you the meals that your stomach deserves! This add-on was created to give you a challenge and make you eat more than just a few portions of beef every now and then.

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Main Features:

Fixed broken blocks from 1.18.10 and 1.18.30

Revamped Cook Book

Integrated Soup/Stew Making in the Pot

Added Drinking Glass

Added Juices, Smoothies and Milkshakes

Added Blender

Added Ceramic Mugs

Added Vanilla

Added Coffee Beans

Added Tea Leaves


Technical Changes:

Added "Manual Labour" to Churns

Pestles and Mortars grind faster

Added Crop Bush Remover (25x25x50 radius)

Added Sound Effects to Crops

Improved Pizza Cutting

Removed Maple Shears

Removed Water and Milk Jar

Simplified Pot and Frying Pan Code

Changed Pack Icons to Churn



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This is Very good and neat. commonly other food addon are not neat. Btw add drink sometime.

one issue: there's no banana tree
This mod is dope af. Might i suggest a new crop also be added in the future. Be rice, and recipes involving rice.
apoyo ese comentario, de agregar ya sea arroz ó maíz de nuevo cultivo
I see many people with the same problem, and it's true, I don't know if it doesn't have support for servers, but I wanted to know if it has a solution, the problem is the same, when I try to plant a seed, the seed goes out and the farmland becomes dirt, we tried to make a series in a few streams and it is the only mistake we have qwq
how do I eat the cakes after I place them? It doesnt let me click them so I assume Im missing something
Can you make the farmers delight mod for bedrock
you should add a custom crafting table that's a sink for all the water recipes so its no so tedious to do the recipes with a water bucket and if possible if you put a pot on it the pot will always have water
Ngl, i spend minecraft doing this, it just makes it foodcraft how fun it is lol only issue is can't be applied to a realm, all my friends would love this with the modded survival :c
Me and my girlfriend adore and endlessly love this mod, its so unbelievably fun and well made!

the only issues we have encountered is that unfortunately it cannot be applied to a realm, it always has an error not allowing the packs to be applied.

this mod is very very good though and we again absolutely love and adore it, we hope to see it continue to be updated in the future!
I’ve been trying to use this addon with another biome addon and it isnt working, it spawns a lot of crop bushes. Can you post a link to download the pack without having the crop bushes spawn naturally? This way, people can use the addon with other addons and wont have to find a lower-end food addon just because of a crop bush.
I dont know how to post my ratings but my rate is 5/5, I just wish you added a seperate addon without crop bushes spawning naturally
I've been waiting for an update for so long, thank you!! ^_^
STRAT WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!!! I haven't been able to play Minecraft for months without you! I'm so addicted to this mod I just CAN'T even play without it. This is absolutely the BEST addon anyone could add to their game! You are absolute gold for this. Thank you so much for everything Stratospheer. I play with my siblings and we always make sure we add this mod in every world we play in.
Thank you so much! I'm so happy to hear that!
Neat and amazing !
[↻ RE:Vonavski#6221 May 21, 2022 at 9:14 am
A wonderful addon, I'm glad it updated quickly, but the seeds are not being planted on servers (in my case via aternos), in a normal world it works, is it possible to fix this?
We played the addon on our server and we found a serious bug that is when we plant the crops in the farmland, it instantly turn into dirt and the crop just pop out. That bug is really annoying because we can't plant tomato and lettuce. Can you fix it please :((
You should add more trees and crops! Maybe add compatibility with Bumble Crops so the seeds can come from your crop bushes? This is one of the best addons for bedrock.
Forgot to rate.
Can I translate this addon into Russian? And then give it to you so you can expose it to MCPEDL. Please excuse my possibly sloppy English because I'm translating via Google translator.