Published on August 11, 2020 (Updated on December 30, 2022)

Strat's Paint Add-on! (v1.7)

Make your builds look more colourful, design and build your own house with plenty more creativity with these decorative unique blocks! This add-on was made to add a wider variation of blocks to use in survival or creative and give you a plethora of colours your builds deserve!

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Main Features:

Removed crafting table recipes for painted blocks (all now interactive).

Paint Buckets are now placeable blocks (paintbrushes are replenished by interacting with them).

Added the Paint Roller (3x3 radius).

Slabs can now be painted with a brush.

Block data is now stored after painting (wood type, log orientation, slab position, etc).

Added splash sounds and particles to the Paintbrush and Roller.

Removed durability on the Paint Scraper.

Brushes now run out of paint again.

Added RTX Compatibility.



Shortened name to "Strat's Paint"

Created new logo for the add-on



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Hello there creater
I wanna ask in future are their more vanilla blocks gonna be added with the given one where we can paint ?
oh yes great addon love it thx bro
Can you add stairs and fences? Rly cool addon anyways tho.
is there a fence in the addon?
It's a really really amazing add-on 👍
Bro the addon is very good but can you add colored doors also . If minecraft let you do.
it looks super dope keep up the good work! look forward to your next addon and tinker update!
cool, but i rather see ur tinker mod, go to the next stage
Why rate it one star though? Is there something wrong with the add-on?
This mod doesn’t work on realms could you make it possible please my realm mates would love this
you should add stuff like fences and gates, stairs, boats, etc etc
also add options to make the colors lighter and darker!!
I think you should add your own custom door with these types of wood. I think that would be amazing!! Keep up with the great work!
Can you add colored armor stand and all working stations
Very cool
Está bastante bien este complemento, de hecho lo usaré para añadir nuevas texturas a mi mundo pero hay un problema por el cual no puse las 5 estrellas.
Las estanterías pintadas no funcionan como una normal, si colocas una mesa de encantamiento podrás comprobar que las estanterías tintadas no funcionan igual :(
Es más para decoración, si quieres encantar hazlo con unas estanterías