Published on January 04, 2021 (Updated on January 04, 2021)

Stronghold in a Ravine, Mushrooms Everywhere! (Seed)

Honestly one of the best random seeds I've ever gotten on bedrock! Extremely beautiful and diverse biomes! Lots of villages + an outpost. Everything including the end portal is within 2k blocks of spawn. Good for speedrun/pvp or just casual survival.


Multiple ruined portals near spawn. Diversity of biomes littered with mushrooms and ravines. Multiple villages. All within 2k blocks of spawn. (spawn is an abandoned village).


 nearby ruined portal:


if you build your nether portal near the outpost it'll bring you to a nether fortress

there is a spruce village built over a ravine that has an expansive stronghold which houses the end portal bridging between the ravine about halfway down.

here are some of the other villages and ruined portals:

note that this is only after exploring for maybe an hour and i didn't go past 2k blocks of spawn, so who knows what other treasures this seed holds. i should've taken more screenshots of the scenery, but i already had so many. truly i have never seen this many ravines so close together and the mushrooms grow in almost every biome! of which all are within 2k of spawn except for desert, mesa and ice biomes which i haven't came across yet. 

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