Published on July 01, 2021 (Updated on June 30, 2021)

Sun Hurts Simple Addon

Sun Hurts is a simple addon that make you burn in sunlight, just like a zombie. Try this with your friends trying to survive unther the flames of sun.If you have ier simple addons let me know, maybe I can try, but i'm a beginner.


I have uploaded two files that are the same, one install it by default, the other one is a compressed zip file and you need to install it manually.

This is a simple addon that a friend suggest to me to create for a series, all you need to do is try to survive under the flames of sun, just like a zombie, but you are just allergic to the sun.


Try a new form to play, maybe try to live in water.


Try to don't die by the sun.


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  • Sun Hurts (Simple Addon).mcaddon (27.77 KB)
  • Sun Hurts (Simple Addon).zip (27.77 KB)

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hey, can i have permission to use your burn addon in a public modpack that i will be posting on mcpedl? i'll give you credits ofc!
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Finally! Long awaited addon is coming! I'll combine this with magic addon! Vampire survival challenges!
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