Published on February 04, 2019 (Updated on February 09, 2019)

Superflatworld Survival Mod v1.0

Have you ever wonder how to survive just on a flat world but in SURVIVAL MODE??

This script brings you more ways to make fun in minecraft. Different way than before!

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New install instruction for js only link

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Supported Minecraft versions

Firstly, Blocklaucher doesn't work anymore. And I'm referring to mobile, as this is where I play minecraft and import add-ons. In short I can't download this mod there, I was very interested.
Can you make this great? I want to try it out but it keeps doing ‘access denied’ and I don’t have the Dropbox app and idk the password so can you make it into If you can’t I understand
Sorry. I'll remake this to an addon so you can install it easily. :D
When will you make this an official 1.12 beta addon, because custom crafting recipes, blocks and items are possible in this new beta.
Will it work on an Amazon kindle fire HD 8?
Do you know where i can find more .js mods?
It works on mcpe master! .js always works
I had just forgotten to see how he made the other blocks that are not grass ^_^
Is a .js mod?
Maybe work on mcpe master?
And mcpe master 2.0
I have downloaded and tried with mcpe master but there seem to be not working for it. So i think it wont work with mcpe master
I don't downloaded it
Because i want know if this is a .js mod?
Yes it is a .js mod
This is unable to be played on iOS(apple products) and if there is a way what is it?
Sorry. But currently the only mod available are not blocklauncher mod. However there is other mod and how to install it here:
(Video by TrueTriz)
But I can't open block launcher!
Be sure to update to latest version of blocklauncher or instead use beta version. I got a tutorial on how to get beta version of bloclauncher and any apps here:
Will you possibly be making more mods? This is the first mod I've seen in a VERY VERY long time and I miss them, I've even got some old mods working with current minecraft, really surprising
I will. And i got some modding tutorials on my channel as well!
Minecraft PE (android) Modding tutorial 1.2 1.4 1.4.4 1.5 2018:
How do u use it
You can simply import it with blocklauncher(Free)
This looks incredibly fun and I want to play it so much but the only issue is that I am not able to download any of the files. When I click on one of them it brings me to a page with only text. So, please send me an email when you fix it or to tell me how to download the files.
I have reuploaded the file to dropbox and added a new installation instruction. Check new links