Published on July 04, 2019 (Updated on September 08, 2020)

Superman Addon (Laser Shooting Eyes!)

Exploring the big blue sky, Discovering new lanes & Saving the world with your supernatural powers! that's what Superman does! This add-on turns you into a Superman, not really turning you into Superman instantly, you have to achieve it yourself through the games, but you will find the game easier & more enjoyable at late-game (after creating the nether portal).

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Added new features:
Craftable & Wearable Laser Eyes
Craftable & wearable cape
Laser Eyes can shoot laser directly from ur view point.



Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

I dont know how to use linkerise there no download
Hey, can you add a /function that wears the laser eyes?
The Download link is 100% Safe & Easy to pass, checked by MCPEDL himself!
Also i’ve made videos for Laser Eyes & Cape part, remember to check it so you could understand more! Join my Discord Server (up there) to CHAT, SUGGEST, FEEDBACK & TRY ALL THE LATEST BETA TESTING OF MY ADDONS!
HOw to enable the laser eyes though???
Why the infinity boost not working?
I look really good.
When I click the captcha it sends a video
Well, I press the captcha box and got the correct answer and it checks the "I'm not a robot" but it did nothing
What is the function name
What item is the booster!
this is the install guide, sorry i linked the wrong video!
how to remove a laser
Doesn’t work